Finding Your Center Workshop -- Aug 23, 2014

This interactive one day workshop will take you through a proven process that will allow you to experience the profound mental state of present moment thought.


What is Finding Your Center and Selfmastery™ Experience?

Finding Your Center is part of the Selfmastery™ Experience workshop series. It is a one day self-discovery workshop held in the seclusion and beauty of nature. It is a delightful mix of centuries-old meditation techniques, explained in modern context.   

Why attend the Selfmastery™ Experience?  In life, people are taught to think a certain way because of their social upbringing and environment.  This conditioning shapes their perspectives, and can help or hinder a person’s   their progress in life.    

The seclusion and program design of the Selfmastery™ Experience allows people to remove themselves from their usual environment for a few hours. Selfmastery™ Experience workshops  guides people to experience different perspectives -- to see things from a different state of mind.  

By experiencing more of their inner thought processes, students begin to understand the inner potential of their minds.  The students become both relaxed and energized, as they gain greater understanding of themselves, and better control of their lives.

This workshop will prepare you for Beginning and Intermediate MasterMeditation™  Certification.

Now until 7/31/2014 $99.50 (50%)…


What Will You Learn?

Finding Your Center integrates Zen and Taoist techniques such as tai chi, chi gung, sound and other traditional meditations into an effective program that appeals to the modern mind.  Students will learn Selfmastery™ techniques such as ActiveMeditation™ and MasterMeditation™ are taught. Finding Your Center was developed by Daniel Johnson SBN, a meditation master with more than twenty-five years’ experience in practicing and teaching meditation.

No previous meditation experience is necessary to attend the Selfmastery™ Experience. The workshop will allow novices and experienced meditators alike to will experience the diversity and potential of their minds in one day.

“I get students to experience their inner minds, by switching their perspective,” says Master Daniel Johnson. “Once the student’s perspective is switched, they will experience their inner minds at a fundamentally deeper level. This is a temporary state that awakens them to the possibilities within.  Continued practice and study allows students to sustain these mental states and integrate them into their lives.”

Now until 7/31/2014 $99.50 (50%)


What is the Selfmastery™ Process?

The Selfmastery™ process is very effective.  Most people who attend one workshop experience their inner potential at a deep level.  This deeper level usually takes years to attain, using traditional meditation meditative or tai chi approaches.

Because of the intensity of the workshop, attendance is limited to 25 participants.

The Selfmastery™ Experience workshops are  non-religious and have no political agenda. They are sponsored and run by the Self Mastery Foundation, an organization committed to the development of strong individuals.

The one day workshop is no more demanding than a five-mile walk in the forest.  We provide all food for the day. Selfmastery™ Experience workshops are held only a few times a year, so be sure to sign up early!

If you have difficulty registering online, call Daniel at 650-996-2290, please email us:

Now until 7/31/2014 $99.50 (50%)