MasterMeditation™ Intermediate Stage Certification Test


The following is the certification test for MasterMeditation™ Levels 4,5,6. You may take the test as many times as you like, in order to gain a passing grade for Intermediate certification. The certification fee is only paid once.


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Please answer all of the questions below:

1. What is the best way to prepare for Crown Meditation?

ActiveMeditation and Centered Breathing

Listening to Music

Vigorous exercise

2. What is the recommended length for Crown Meditation for a beginner?

One to five minutes

Five to 20 minutes

Over one hour


3. What are the three main steps of Crown Meditation?

The Crown Point, The Inner Space, The Inner Center

ActiveMeditation, The Crown Point, The Inner Center

The Outer Space, The Inner Space, The Inner Center

4. Where is the Crown Point Located?

Top of your head 3 inches inside

One inch above the crown

Top of your head 1 inch inside

5. How long should it take to move into the Inner Space?

Less than three minutes

Less than seven minutes

As long as it takes

6. What should you look for while focusing on the Inner Center?

A pool of water or a window

Nothing, just observe

Your inner mind

7. How much time should you spend focusing on the Inner Center?

Ten seconds

One minute

As much time as you feel comfortable with

8. What should you do if you mind wanders?

Just go back to focusing in your inner center. If your mind continues to wander, focus on breathing.

Get up and go for a walk

Stop and do ActiveMeditation


9. What answer closest matches your goal in studying MasterMeditation? (your opinion)

To relieve stress and improve mental focus

To study the inner mind and the self

To gain greater control over myself and my environment