MasterMeditation™ Meditator Levels Certification Test


The following is the certification test for Level 1, 2, 3. You may take the tests as many times as you like in order to gain a passing grade for Meditator certification. The certification fee is only paid once.


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Please answer all of the questions below:

1. How often should you do your SMF Breathingeach day?

Once a day

Twice a day

As many times as is realistic for you

2. What is the recommended length for your daily SMF Centering routine?

Ten minutes

Three to five minutes

One minute

3. What is the recommended amount of time you should take for each breath?

Inhale count of 4; Hold count of 4; Exhale count of 4

Inhale count of 4; Hold count of 1; Exhale count of 4

Inhale as long as you can; Hold as long as you can; Exhale as long as you can

4. What are the three steps in breathing?

Inhale; Hold; Exhale

Breathe; Raise hands; Focus on crown

Focus on abdomen; Focus on heart; Focus on crown

5. Where should your point of focus be during breathing?

Your crown

Your chest

Your abdomen

6. What are the three steps used to scan each area of the body?

Hold and draw energy to area; Exhale and focus on area; Inhale and let tension go

Inhale and draw energy to area; Hold and focus on area; Exhale and let tension go

Exhale and draw energy to area; Inhale and focus on area; Hold and let tension go

7. How much time should you spend on each section of the body during a scan?

Ten seconds

One minute

As much time as you feel comfortable with

8. What is the mental pattern used for SMF Centering?

Inhale - connect with center; Hold - focus on earth; Exhale - focus on sky

Inhale - draw from earth; Hold - focus on center; Exhale - send to sky

Focus on abdomen; focus on heart; focus on crown

9. What are the main benefits of Beginning stage?

Reduce stress; develop mental balance; develop emotional stability

Develop mental focus; develop insight; see auras

Relieve stress; consistently manifest your thoughts