Getting Support for MasterMeditation™


If you have been involved with MasterMeditation™ for any length or time, you likely have many questions.  You can get support for MasterMeditation™ in several ways.


To share you experiences ask questions and find out what others are doing with MasterMeditation™ join our quickly growing community on facebook. Login to facebook and search SelfmasteryFoundation. Like us and receive a free mind/body video download.


Private email:

If you prefer private or individual attention, send your questions or concerns directly to All emails are reviewed by Master Johnson or one of his qualified instructors. Please allow two weeks for a response as there is a heavy volume of questions.


Video and Audio Conferences:

If you prefer a quicker response, would like a custom managed program (life coaching) or a face to face dialogue you can sign up for the Renaissance program.  A FREE five minute face to face dialogue is available to everyone. This can be arranged through Skype, Factime, Web video, or phone. To sign up for a FREE conference GO HERE

Certification tests:
Another way to measure progress is to take the Certification test. There is one for each level. Certification also makes your level official and makes sure that you are prepared for the next level. There are also several other benefits in being certified. For more information on certification GO HERE



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Customized progress evaluations

If you have completed any of the levels of MasterMeditation™ you are beginning to make progress and improvements in many areas. Much of this progress is hard to quantify. Each level of MasterMeditation™ contains progress ratings based on the average for the majority of people.

As you become more involved in MasterMeditation™  you likely are interested in getting a better idea of  what you specific progress is. Much of this can be gauged by the changers that begin to happen in your life. In the beginning however this may not be all that apparent.

There exist several tools and resources available to you to assist in getting a better.

If you have completed one of the MasterMeditation™ levels and wish to get certified, you may take the certification test. Certification allows you to move onto other levels, and gives you free membership privileges. To take the test and get certified, follow the link below.

Click for the Beginner Cert test Click for the Intermediate Cert test Online Login


Video and Audio Conferences:

Every person who has complete at least on level of MasterMeditation™ gets a free video or audio conference. This is not a sales call. Because of personalized nature of the meditative process. One to one correspondence with a Master is very helpful. It is encouraged to spend a sepnd a few minutes of face time with Master Johnson or one of the  other instructors to answer your questions.

In order to set this up fill out the form below. Instructions and possible dates for a meeting will be sent to you. The conference call is around five minutes and gives you the opportunity to as any questions you may have. Correspondence can be done through a variety of ways including Skype, facetime, phone, webinar.


Longer and more regular correspondence can be set up through the Renaissance life coaching program. There are many levels of Renaissance making fit most budgets and time  constraints.



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